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Our Plans for 2008

Maintain our position in the key indices of social responsibility.

Expand our individual company environmental committees into our US and other businesses, directly involving many more of our people.

Continue our environmental and labour standards auditing programme, revisiting our printers in Asia, North America and parts of Europe.

Continue the process of becoming a climate neutral company with a view to completing that process globally by the end of 2009.

Audit the social and environmental policies and impact of companies acquired in 2007 and set out plans to integrate them into Pearson’s framework for corporate responsibility.

Accelerate our commitment to build a truly international business by helping more of our people experience a new country on a short-term assignment, with our developing markets as a priority.

Show evidence of progress in retention of people with diverse backgrounds for both entry level and management positions.

Launch the Pearson International Education Summit, bringing together global education leaders to identify and share exemplary educational practices.

Use the Pearson Foundation Development Fund to work with our businesses in Africa, India, and Asia to provide training and support for local teachers in developing communities.

Build on the success of our ongoing Booktime and Read for the Record campaigns to showcase the importance of early reading for young people everywhere.


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